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Thank you for helping make our annual Illuminate conference a success!


Last Thursday, 1100+ teachers, administrators, and district staff from over 251 districts gathered together for our annual user conference in Anaheim, CA. If you missed our conference this year, check out the materials from many of our presenters here.

A few words from our Twitter feed #ieuc15

"Great conference! Learned how to utilize Summary Assessments with SBAC Accommodations and Supports!"

"On Track is Amazing. Can't wait to implement this program at my school"

"Looking forward to Illuminating my students with the new found knowledge gained in Anaheim at #ieuc15"



Illuminator Spotlight

Matt Whitt, Director of Data Systems

Beginning with Children, Brooklyn, NY

What's the coolest thing about working at Beginning with Children?

"There are many great things about Beginning with Children, but if I had to pick the coolest it would be that every day presents an opportunity to learn something new. There is a lot of room to grow here."



We've heard you are an Illuminate BI tool master. Tell us about the Data Driven Planning - Class Assessment Detail report you designed.

"(The Report) displays common core proficiency on all assessments given, aggregated by class, and filtered by class and date range. Each assessment is expanded to show all standards covered, the number of students in each performance band for each standard, the number of times that standard appeared on the assessment, and the number of students that mastered that standard." 

Read more from Matt

Contact your IM if you are a System Admin interested in learning more about the BI tool.


What's New?

  • v7.5 was released on February 19th, the next release tentatively scheduled March 19th
  • New Report Card Viewer option: when entering grades by student, teachers can preview their report card template and entries without having to print
  • Itembank improvements: new items from CoreSpring (includes a variety of technology enhanced items), new tools available (ruler, protractor, calculator), new item types (matching tables, drag and drop, number line, multi-part)



Common Core Tip

There’s so much more to measuring student learning than a percentage. Did you know that you can create multi-part rubrics with Illuminate’s Itembank to capture how students problem solve and cooperate as well as demonstrate mastery of content? When you build constructed response items with multiple rubrics using the Illuminate Itembank, your assessment results automatically breakdown the single item into rubric sections for data analysis at the standards level.  This means that one part of your rubric could be aligned to Mathematical Practices while another part could be tied to the Common Core Math Standards and yet another part tied to the Next Generation Science Standards all at once! 

Cool Tool Tip

Want a quick and easy way for users to share Illuminate Tips, Tricks, and Topics amongst each other without leaving their classroom? Take a look and visit Padlet! Padlet is an interactive collaboration tool where users from students to educators can share and display ideas, thoughts, and resources digitally and quickly. After an Illuminate Training, have your teachers share their favorite piece. Share your favorite help document or video link to assist and address a common question amongst staff.



Have you earned a badge lately? Check out the following districts with users who have earned the most badges for creating custom reports and student searches. To find out who has earned badges in your district, log into your Illuminate site, then go to Control Panel>View Badges

And because we love looking at data, we found the districts with the top assessment creators!

Top Student Searchers (Found Badge) Top Report Creators (State of the Art Badge) Top Assessment Creators 
Yuma Union (AZ) Summit PS (CA) AXL Academy (CO)
Highline PS (WA) Santa Barbara USD (CA) Fullerton Joint UHSD (CA)
Monterey Peninsula (CA) Santa Monica-Malibu USD (CA) Grossmont UHSD (CA)


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