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Preview of Coming Attractions

This email blast is intended for Illuminate System Administrators as a preview of coming attractions for the latest Illuminate Release 8.2.

The official and complete Release Notes can be found in the HELP Menu



Everybody's Good News:


CAASPP Import & Prebuilt Reports

  • CAASPP Data Import - tools were released Friday, August 28th.  Any System Administrator can upload the .dat file from TOMS into Illuminate using the Cog Wheel (Admin Gear) > State / Known Data Imports > CAASPP 2014-2015.  After importing the data it will be accessible from the Dashboard widget - State Performance Summary, Student Profile widget - State Assessment Overview, Reports tab - Prebuilt reports, and the Assessments tab - List Assessments (use for custom report starters).  If you'd like to disable widgets on the dashboard or student profile, please email [email protected]. You may also limit sharing of the Assessments, Prebuilts, and access within Custom Reporting if needed.


  • Smarter Balanced Assessments -  prebuilt reports for the Smarter Balanced Summative (final) and Interim assessments are available to support data analysis of students' ELA and Math performance at the claim and overall levels. The reports can be generated to give a summary of student performance for a district, site, course, class/period, or student.  Elements of the reports are clickable and interactive.



BI Tool

  • The BI Tool - community is expanding!  More than 10,000 Illuminators have accessed the Illuminate BI Tool Guide to creatively visualize their data and our first free BI Tool workshops have already filled up. Check out some of the samples that have been built leveraging Illuminate tools and Jasper to create live prebuilt reports that dynamically update with Illuminate.  If you'd like more information or training for the BI Tool, the first step is to preview the BI Tool Guide. Then, contact your Illuminate Implementation Manager to schedule a training.




Report Cards

  • Linking to Report Cards filters - have been added to the Gradebook to limit selectable report card fields to the current grading period.  Yahoo!  This makes a teacher's workflow for linking their gradebook assignments to report cards significantly easier and reduces the chance for choosing the wrong report card field.




DnA Highlights:



  • Text to Speech - will be available in the next couple of weeks by permission and as an Online Testing - Tool Settings option. To allow users to use Text-to-Speech you will need to enable the permission "Text to speech" for all users who will want to use this option in setting up their online testing rosters. The option for this feature will appear within an assessment using the Administration Sub-Tab > Online Testing > Add Roster button, in the Online Testing - Tool Settings section.  The Text-to-Speech tool will be able to read a passage, question, and answer choices to a student.  Students needing this tool will need to have their own testing roster setup with these tools enabled.




  • Assessment Review - options are now available to allow students to review their answers from with the portal after taking an online test.  Teachers wanting to use this feature can use the Assessment Review setting within an Assessment, using the Online Testing feature.



  • Hybrid Assessments - have arrived based on Teacher feedback requesting better, faster, easier ways to make teacher-created assessments in Illuminate that can be given online.  Now we can upload a PDF, PPT, or Word document as a Material in the Manual Assessment creation process and use the Online Testing feature to enable students to view the "inline booklet".  Student will see the "inline booklet" while they use the online testing module as a digital answer key.  Try Hybrid Assessments and save the rainforest by printing zero test booklets and zero answer sheets!




  • Scanning - options are always changing as web browsers update.  If you're having trouble scanning with Google Chrome, after their update to block plug-ins, try the "Continue Without" option. Switching web browsers for scanning is also an option that works.



  • Meta Data - is now available for Surveys. This is the first step in our Survey re-design.  If you want to test out our anonymous, paper-based surveys, enable the permission "Create a Survey" for any users that wants to try it out and use our generic pre-slugged answer sheets. For now, all the raw-survey response data is available in custom reporting and as an excel download. Coming next, online surveys... Keep on the lookout.





ISI Highlights:


Mass Student Locators

  • Updates to Individual and Mass Student Locators - Users now have the option to run locators for the current term as well as future terms. Mass Student Locators is now utilizing our student scope selector which allows users to filter for groups of students. Mass Locators also has a new sort feature that allows the user to choose a schedule date when sorting by teacher. 



Illuminating Resources:


Professional Learning & Collaboration 

  • Key Data Systems' INSPECT assessments - have been loaded to the TestAdmin user account for all clients who have purchased INSPECT (available to your System Administrators) Read all about the new Checkpoints that are available here.  Also, download the Standards Pacing Guides that connect with the prebuilt Interim Assessments so that your teams can refine these tests to match your instructional goals.
  • Webinars – are available now to support you to design your student information and data assessment system for next year, rollover report cards, attendance, prep for next year and so much more. Check out Illuminate Webinars and sign up soon!
  • FREE Report Card Workshops - are happening in September in Southern and Northern California locations.  If you're interested, RSVP here to save your space on September 22 (NorCal) or September 29 (Irvine).


Roadmap Outlook

  • Product Outlooks – are available in the Release Notes section of the HELP menu.  If you ever wonder what happens to your Feature Requests, take a look here to see if your good idea was compiled with the others to drive our innovation.  This is a window into some of our major projects on the Roadmap for Development.



Contact your Implementation Manager to enable new modules, rollout new features, or request training.

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