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Preview of Coming Attractions

This email blast is intended for Illuminate System Administrators as a preview of coming attractions for the latest Illuminate Release 8.1.

The official and complete Release Notes can be found in the HELP Menu



Everybody's Good News:


Portal 2.0 Launched

  • Portal 2.0 Released - as of July 9th.  You can still watch the pre-release video.   Feel free to share the great news with administrators, teachers, students, and parents in your welcome back messages using our HELP resources.



BI Tool

  • The BI Tool - community is expanding!  More than 10,000 Illuminators have accessed the Illuminate BI Tool Guide to creatively visualize their data.  Check out some of the samples that System Admins have built leveraging Illuminate tools and Jasper to create live prebuilt reports that dynamically update with Illuminate.  If you'd like more information or training for the BI Tool, the first step is to preview the BI Tool Guide. Then, contact your Illuminate Implementation Manager to schedule a training.












  • Power Law - has been added to the Standards-Based Gradebook as a grade calculation.  Learn more about all the calculations available in the Standards-Based Gradebook here.  Power Law, is a mathematical formula that weights the most recent assessment scores more heavily than prior assessment scores. Read more by studying a little Robert Marzano, Transforming Classroom Grading.





Prebuilt Reports

  • Smarter Balanced Assessments -  prebuilt reports for the Smarter Balanced Summative (preliminary data) and Interim assessments are available to support data analysis of students' ELA and Math performance at the claim and overall levels.  To load this data, a System Administrator can use the State Data Import tool. Once loaded widgets and reports will be accessible by users. If you'd like to disable widgets on the dashboard or student profile, please email [email protected]. You may also limit sharing of the Assessments, Prebuilts, and access within Custom Reporting if needed.




DnA Highlights:


  • Quick Assessment creator - gives us formative assessment building options that make test making FASTER and more EFFICIENT.   Quick assessments allow you to select the number of questions you want to see on a learning measure and generates the test for you.  If you want to get fancy, you can use item attributes to set exclusions for Item Types, DOK, etc. and then publish your test quicker than ever before.  



  • Enter / Edit page - has been enhanced to allow new options via the enter by Column or by Student to view student responses in the context of an itembank question. No more guessing about what the question was asking or how the student response is organized.












  • Reference Materials - can be added during item creation within the Itembank.  This feature is located in the details tab of item creation and will allow students to access linked materials during the online testing process.




Term Manager 

  • Rollover Terms - has never been easier.  Try our updated Term Manager to setup your Illuminate site for the 15-16 school year. Make a quick adjustment to your start date to rollover what you used in 14-15 or just edit your dates for yearlong or semester terms for each site.




ISI Highlights:



  • Mass Update - allows users to change section attributes in mass.












GPA Ranking

  • GPA Ranking - has been enhanced to include new, more comprehensive, ways to calculate GPA.  Click on What Does this Mean? to see a full description of the Standard Competition Ranking



NEW Gains & Losses Report

  • Gains & Losses Report - has been updated and revised. To run the new Gains and Losses report, you can go to the Students Tab > Reports > Gains and Losses new. What has changed?
    • The start of the term enrollment is now automatically calculated and students no longer all show as gains for the start of the term
    • End of term enrollment is also now automatically calculated and displays after the last day of school
    • Users can now filter to view primary enrollment, secondary enrollment, or both
    • Double counting students at the start of a new term no longer occurs
    • Students' start dates now default to their start date for the Academic Year, and not the current term



Illuminating Resources:


Professional Learning & Collaboration 

  • Webinars – are available now to support you to design your student information and data assessment system for next year, rollover report cards, attendance, prep for next year and so much more. Check out Illuminate Webinars and sign up soon!
  • FREE Report Card Workshops - are coming soon to Southern and Northern California locations.  If you're interested, RSVP here to save your space on September 3 (Irvine), 22 (NorCal), or 29 (Irvine).


Roadmap Outlook

  • Product Outlooks – are available in the Release Notes section of the HELP menu.  If you ever wonder what happens to your Feature Requests, take a look here to see if your good idea was compiled with the others to drive our innovation.  This is a window into some of our major projects on the Roadmap for Development.



Contact your Implementation Manager to enable new modules, rollout new features, or request training.

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